With over 40 years experience in Plumbing, Peter and wife Kim, have the knowledge and skills needed to provide "GOOD OLD FASHIONED SERVICE" now and into the future. As businesses and residents become more focused on Water Conservation Ecowave Plumbing is at the forefront of the Green Plumbing revelation.

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about us...

Ecowave Plumbing & Maintenance was started in 2005 with the vision of providing “Good Old Fashion Service” with focus on Green Plumbing and water conservation. Thus the name Ecowave Plumbing and Maintenance.

Peter completed his apprenticeship under his father and has gained much experience in many plumbing fields. Five years on multi storey residential apartments, Six years factory construction, Two years in London working in all fields of plumbing. Recently studying advanced subjects to further his technical qualifications.

With the current drought it has become a major focus for Ecowave to become fully qualified in all areas of Green Plumbing. Currently under taking Green Plumbing courses conducted by the Master Plumbers Association. Our aim is to continually look for new ways to improve our customer’s water conservation and to assist in sustaining our environment.